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Managment consultant. Focus on yoga, swimming (beginner, TI) and general training.

Training background:

  • Childhood: playground soccer, ice hockey, cross country skiing, swimming
  • 1973-1986 Basketball. Played in the Swedish junior national team and in the Swedish level 1 series (Brahe, IFK Link√∂ping). Coached kids team, camp leader.
  • 1986-2000. Tried various martial arts, fencing, weightlifting, played in lower divisions of basketball. Constant problems with knees and back.
  • 2000-2007. Sporadic training due to becoming the father of twins, weightlifting, running, was only consistent with two years of Jodo. BMI peaked at 27 in 2002
  • 2007- . Mix of "everyday active" (bike to work, take the stairs instead of elevator,...), yoga, weightlifting (squats, deadlift, military press), functional training (e.g. MAQ, burpees) and swimming. Feels great.

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